Call for work: DOG SHOW Summer 2016.

Call for work: DOG SHOW Summer 2016.

Open Call

Dog Show (working title)


  • Dogs as protectors, as guardians
  • Bravery and stepping up to face foes, fears, and cruel fates
  • Dogs as companions and fellow travelers
  • Dogs as (tragic)heroes


This is a call for submissions from artists/designers/creatives working in any discipline including painting, sculpture, still and moving image, fashion and illustration, the written word, light and sound.


Submission is free and open to students, graduates, emerging, mid and established artists. We are committed to paying artists fairly.


Radiant is run by Effervescent, comprising a performance workshop space, contemporary art gallery, creative incubation suite, and our bistro, RumpusCosy.


Effervescent is a trans-disciplinary arts laboratory. We work collaboratively with a range of clients, artists, communities and individuals to make the world a happier and kinder place, helping voices be heard, and – drawing on current research across multiple disciplines – developing new practice.


We are currently pioneering collaborative socially-engaged curating with children and young people – the only professional gallery in the UK to do work in this way.


We stage exhibitions that move away from education, and into seduction and immersion of new audiences, encouraging children and adults to experience a multisensory gallery environment with emotional and intellectual resonance and impact. Ours is a gallery that is programmed in partnership with groups; together we explore the richness of human experience and find a fulcrum between what children and young people need to say, and audiences who need to witness that[i].


Our group of six ten-year-old collaborative curators deconstructed the notion of the dog in society: our relationship to dogs, the history of that relationship, and the way that ‘man’s best friend’ supports and helps us to overcome problems. In our research process we researched space dog Laika, and visited dogs awaiting rehoming at the Woodside Animal Sanctuary.


For more information on the project and space, visit or our Facebook page Radiant


You can contact Ray White : [email protected] for more information or a brief discussion.


How to submit:

Please submit your artist’s statement/proposal, CV, and up to ten images/a showreel/weblinks to: [email protected] or to: Radiant Gallery, ground floor, 12 Derrys Cross, Plymouth, PL1 2TE.


Closing date: 5pm, Tuesday 21st June 2016


Exhibition will run from 21st July 2016 to October 2016.

Previous shows have been about loneliness; monstrousness and fear of the unknown; disappointment and disgust; public confessions of terrible misdemeanours; love and kindness; sexual exploitation of children; the politics of greed; and rescue.


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