Photography in Radiant Gallery Plymouth Beautiful opening Radiant Gallery Outisde Radiant Gallery Plymouth Opening night at Radiant Gallery, Plymouth


Radiant is a creative arts space in Plymouth City Centre.

Developed by Effervescent, Radiant is a contemporary gallery, a performance and photography studio, incubation hub for creative social enterprises, and an exquisite bistro, RumpusCosy.

Effervescent is a transdisciplinary arts laboratory. We work collaboratively with a range of clients, artists, communities and individuals to make the world a happier and kinder place, drawing on current research across multiple disciplines, and developing new practice.

We are developing an experimental curatorial programme, staging gallery exhibitions that move away from education and into seduction and immersion of new audiences, encouraging children and adults to experience a multisensory gallery environment with emotional and intellectual resonance and impact.

All of the exhibitions (including our Christmas Grotto) are co-designed and curated with different groups of local young people. The first three exhibitions have addressed such themes as Loneliness and Isolation, Fear of the Unknown and Manmade Comfort (and discomfort). By giving different groups to reflect, deconstruct and form exhibitions about what they need to express, the intention is to show work meaningful to the groups and hopefully therefore meaningful to audiences. By positioning young people at the top of the artistic food-chain as curators and makers of meaning, rather than as passive consumers, we will show that contemporary art is a useful, and powerful, tool of exploration.

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