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The Gallery

Funded by Arts Council England, we experiment with ways to move away from "education" of audiences, and into seduction and immersion by curating collaboratively with people who have never curated before.

The gallery at Radiant hosts an eclectic curatorial programme which is very concerned with what it is to be a person.

The shows we create here are about things that our collaborative curators find truthful and important to them – whether that’s young carers discussing the monsters which haunt them; isolated teenagers discussing the bittersweet nature of loneliness and hope; an evocation of the tragedy of hidden abuse; or young people talking about the disappointment in trying really hard to get what you want, only to discover it’s not what you thought it would be.

At Christmas, we often host a Christmas Grotto created by local children.  The 2014 grotto was featured in The Guardian and The Sunday Times.