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Embark on a journey to reclaim hope, riding on the back of a mythical carousel unicorn. Immerse yourself in memories of what was, what could have been and what is still to come at Radiant Gallery this Autumn.

In a museum at the end of time, the remains of your beautiful world.

A carousel.

A field of flowers.

But the cruel wind blows.

Curated and produced by young people directly touched by displacement, and brought together by the Kurdish Exile Centre, Plymouth. HALF/LIFE is an evocation of the borders between living and not existing at all.

Eloise Malone, Director of Effervescent explains;

Whilst devising this project we collaborated with young people who had hopes and dreams for the future, only to have them violently ripped away.”

Visitors are greeted by a Clown Curator who gently guides them through a glowing field of 350 dandelions, one bloom for every asylum seeker who arrived in Plymouth last year. In the middle of the field sits a ghostly carousel, a memorial to the life each and every individual has left behind. Riding their unicorn, its a moment to reflect upon the most beautiful things we have in our lives, and what we don’t.

“Many people don’t stop to take a moment to consider how much asylum seekers have lost – their families, their homes, their mental wellbeing and often their physical health, too.  We hope that the carousel with the sole surviving unicorn, and the gently glowing dandelions clocks waiting to start their second life, will conjure up that experience for the public.”

Eloise Malone – Director of Effervescent

The piece was devised and created over eight weeks with seven young people in collaboration with local and regional artists, musicians, engineers and designers. They were joined by a team of volunteer production assistants including local students. For many of the group, this was their first experience of a professional art environment.

“HALF/LIFE has been an enriching experience. I have developed a deeper passion for art and I’ve begun to think about the problems in society and view them with an open mind” 

Charlotte Maughan – Young Curator

“At Effervescent we are passionate about giving people who have lived through extraordinary experiences, an opportunity to share them with the public. Quite often, that’s about saying things that are hard to say, and even harder to hear.” 

Phil Innes – Creative Producer Effervescent .

Created in partnership with the Kurdish Exile Centre, the work is supported by Arts Council England and was commissioned by The University of Plymouth Arts Institute.

“We hope this show will create a bridge between local communities and help people to be more aware of what others have been through.”

Sarbaz Ahmed – Leader of The Kurdish Exile Centre.

The installation will be open to the public from Monday 24th September until Saturday 17th November at Radiant Gallery, Plymouth City Centre. The show is suitable for audiences of all ages. Entry is free and booking is not required.

Devised and created by: Amber Bassett, Charlotte Maughan, Halwa Ibrahim, Layali Ibrahim, Rostam Hakeem, and Zeear Ibrahim, assisted by Effervescent artists and associates: Dom Marcellus-Temple, Dominick Allen, Eloise Malone, Nico Bray, Phil Innes, Robert Trethewey, Tim Seelig, Trudy Houghton, Zander Grinfeld and Kurdish Exile Centre Leader Saarbaz Ahmed. Production Assistants: Emily Hide, Jaydan Alexander, Jesie Adams, Kev Attwood, Ryan Wilce, Sunny Day. Image Credit: Philip Trengove. Comms: Bex King. Project partners: Arts Institute Plymouth University, Effervescent, Kurdish Exile Centre. Thanks to: Batteries & Solar Plymouth, Rob Higgs, Rob Parr, Zoom Corporation Hertfordshire.
Should you require; a separate filming session, additional images or interviews, please contact Eloise Malone (Director) Effervescent who will be happy to help. Office: 01752 227448 Email: [email protected]

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